Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Yikes! Nearly forgot again. I’m not very good at this am I? :/

Anyways, on to my day; I began waking at 6.30 again, spent a few minutes getting ready and collecting everything in preparation for college and I made my way to the shop to buy some apples, oranges and bananas for the day (because fruit is healthy and really helps with depression). Then I made my way to my girlfriend’s house and began the day. Today wasn’t as positive as yesterday, I noticed small fluctuations in my mood. One minute I’d be happy, the next I’d feel tired and lacking concentration.

Other than that the day was pretty good. Got some work done and did an assessed past exam paper, which I have a bad feeling about. I’ll probably get the results on Friday. Although I’m nervous, I need not let it distract me from other work.

After college today I went back to my girlfriend’s where we watched Austin Powers and ate pasta. It was a lovely evening. Once I was home I jumped in the shower and began watching The Hobbit, even though I’ve now stopped it because it’s late and I’m exhausted.

So yeah that was my day. Didn’t play any KoA:R today, I’ll hopefully have time to play it tomorrow.

Night :) x

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Gosh I’d almost forgotten to write this.

So it’s 11pm as I write this and I am burdened by the stress of the day, and need to sleep it off. So I’ll make this brief.

Today was a good day. First day back at college for 2 weeks, and it was a mighty fine day. I began with waking at 6.30am, went to the shops to buy bananas (because they make me happy) and left for my girlfriends house. From there on the day got progressively better, and I remained happy throughout.

I’m travelling to Arizona in July so I need to get my passport renewed soon. I’ve done all the forms but I need photos. Once this is done I can FINALLY complete my student finance application for uni this autumn.

I powered though many past paper questions today that helped me with my revision, although I still have a bit of maths to do tomorrow morning for the 10.15am hand-in deadline.

On a more procrastinative (this should be a word) note, I played some more KoA:R today and it was very entertaining. I leveled up a few times and discovered many more cosmetically pleasing environments.

I need to make another Doctor’s appointment soon so I can extend my antidepressant prescription. I only have 8 left :(. I think I’ll do this in the next couple of days.

I must say writing these blog things (even though nobody reads them) really helps keep my mind at peace and my depression at rest.

Thanks Tumblr! :)

Monday 21st April 2014

First blog post wooo!

I’ve been suffering from depression the last couple of years so thought I’d start a blog to see the effects. So here goes…

Today was a productive one, got through a few past exam papers in preparation for the upcoming A2 exams. Found them to be controversial, some bits were hard, others not so. Even though it’s my strong point, Chemistry is my most feared exam. However, I got the past papers wrapped up and started organising all my loose paper (which is a lot).

I just got out of a lovely relaxing bath which took all of the stress I built up out of me. Not to mention all the bananas I’ve been eating are keeping me positive and motivated. I visited my girlfriend as well, during which we had a cuppa tea and watched some Adventure Time (I’d never seen it before, it was pretty fun), we also teased Rosie (one of my girlfriend’s cats who’s black and white, the other cat being a ginger male called Boris) with a laser pointed which never gets old.

Additionally, I’ve also been playing a fair bit of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (which I’ll be referring to as ‘KoA:R’ from now on). It’s a bloody brilliant RPG. I’ve had immense fun with it, which is odd for me because I’ve not been much into gaming this year. But yeah, its fighting style is massively addicting and fluid with many, many unlockable moves. Also, the vast open-world game world is filled with enjoyment, especially for those alchemy-crazy people as there are many types of vegetation that can be harvested littered around the world. Although I’m only a level 10 mage/rogue, I can safely say this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s catching up to Oblivion (which I loved, and spent hundreds of hours playing).

So it’s 8.15 now; what next? Well, I’ll be returning downstairs to resume the organising of my loose paper and expect to be doing so until about 10. Then I’ll probably sleep as I’ve got an early start to a long day tomorrow. Only a few weeks left ‘till the exams! :s. The nerves are kicking in now.

Bye for now :)